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Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive health record based personal health analytics platform for India. Vytal aims to provide the most comprehensive health record based personal health analytics platform for India. Incubated at SINE IIT Bombay, Vytal offers:


Vytal Health Tracker helps patients capture their SpO2, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Blood Pressure using just the smartphone camera. The app also aims to educate, support, track symptoms for patients, while tackling the spread of fake news and constantly updating about Covid-19. It will help doctors monitor patients remotely, contribute to clinical research, and subsequently, enable longitudinal health tracking and predictive analytics of patients. The app supports overall mental and psycho-social well being, including calming and relaxing games to ease stress and anxiety.


Linked to clinical records systems for medical specialists, Vytal Connect (VC) helps doctors engage with patients through technology enabled reminder services, follow ups and remote viewing of medical reports. VC also offers e-Payments and e-Calendars, online prescription using CIMS ASIA drug database and messaging services. 


With Pulmonology, Oncology and Gynaecology, Vytal will soon add more speciality specific EMR services in Vytal Connect. This feature enables going paperless and advocates the increased use of structured electronic forms and patient histories, making clean data available for gaining valuable insights. 

VCAN PROSTATE APPConnecting more than 13000 patients within 3 months of its launch, V Can is a virtual patient community for prostate cancer. VCan supports patients and caregivers by enabling treatment adherence, symptom tracking, monitoring Quality of Life indicators and easy access to consulting doctors and report repositories. Features also include patient education, research updates, FAQs and discussion forums.  

"YOU CANNOT CONQUER WHAT YOU ARE NOT COMMITTED TO."- T.D.Jakes We are committed to solving complex healthcare problems making a positive impact in the lives of millions of patients. From women health to chronic respiratory diseases, from complex neurological diseases to life threatening Cancer, we are committed to issues that touch everyone's life.
With innovative cutting-edge products and solutions to solving complex health challenges we are on a mission to fundamentally change the way chronic diseases are managed, interpreted and prevented.


Unified Practice Management solution to manage your patients, prescriptions, payments and patient records. Integrated with Drug Database and high quality Knowledge Content. Read More


Simple apps to manage your records, prescriptions emergency details. Track your symptoms or get reminder about medicines. Search for nearby pharmacy, hospital or clinic and access validated medical information. Read More


Integrated Marketing Services, tailor made for Speciality, Brand or Indication. Engage effectively with your Doctors network. Support patient communities and counselors with effective digital solutions. Read More

Our Team

Gunjan Jain

Cofounder & CEO

With a degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA from IIT Bombay (IIT-B), Gunjan is a Life Sciences and Healthcare IT expert with specialization in Pharma R&D IT, Clinical Research Outsourcing and Healthcare IT. Her work experience spans over 15 years in some of the world's largest IT consulting and software product companies such as PwC, IBM, Oracle.

Dr Gouri Gore

Co-founder & Strategic Advisor

An established Obstetrician & Gynecologist with specialization in Oncology and Laparoscopy, Dr. Gouri is a successful investor and administrator for Obstetrics & Gynecology at two leading hospitals in Mumbai. Dr Gore is also actively involved in health education & awareness in society as a faculty for FOGSI Womens’ Well Being initiative

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