Vytal Connect For Doctors

Take your practice digital with Vytal Connect - receive online payments from your patients, manage appointments and contacts, view patients' records.

pay online

Online Payments

Receive online payments from your patients through netbanking, credit cards, debit cards and wallets.


Appointments & Contacts

Manage patients' appointment and contacts. View how your day or week looks like across the clinics. Notify your patients through SMS.

Patients Records

Patients' Records

Engage your patients with free Vytal app. View records, reports and charts. Contact us for your clinic or hospital branding and messaging.

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Vytal Care & Connect Program For Your Clinic

Unlike other hospital specific tools & apps that serve their purpose till the treatment duration, Vytal is designed for the entire life for each family member. It is most likely that Vytal app will be used even after the current medical condition is treated and hence the hospital can have a patient connect beyond the specific duration of treatment. Using Vytal, patients can get hospital communication such as facilities, reminders, new treatments or offers through pop-ups, push notifications and in-app messages. All OPD and IPD patients can store scanned images of their records that can be shared with doctors. Your hospital facilities such as pharmacy, labs, blood bank etc can engage with patients better.

Better engagement with patients results into improved quality of care and higher patient trust.

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